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Microphone on Sound Board

Supreme Sound supplies and supports live events such as:

Open mic’s, Concerts, Fairs, Shows, Theatre, Events, Live Music, Festivals, Conferences, Weddings and much more.


Supreme Sound can provide all the sound equipment to satisfy the

size of the event and the budget.

What Sound can do for you:

Here is a sample of our regularly asked services:

Live Bands

Supreme Sound assess the size of the event and provide equipment accordingly supplying for your needs whether the band is inside a pub or on a big stage.  We can make it as loud or as quiet as you want.



We can provide public address systems (PA) so that when it’s time to draw the raffle you can be heard clearly in all corners of the field.



Supreme Sound provides all sound equipment for a full festival - microphones, monitors, speakers and front of house.



We can provide a sleek, tidy system for your business conference, key notes or AGM so you can be heard clearly in the venue.